Founder of G R Foods Mr Ghulam Nabi shares his Tea and Spices journey and the story behind the success

'This year G R Foods expands their tea and spices business to pan India level' 

New Delhi: Started by Mr. Ghulam Nabi from Delhi in 2019, the company has an array of  teas and spices that include a variety of Indian CTC tea and Indian spices. G R Foods have various brands under its tally. In tea category their most successful brand are 'Makkah tea, Mylo tea and Redwood tea'. It is their Makkah Tea brand which is most popular and a success charm for the company.

makkah tearedwood tea

Ghulam Nabi shares his story of how  he entered the tea and spices business. Talking to India Sentinel, he says-It was his ancestral business which was started by his father Late Ghulam Rasool in Mumbai. "Milk distribution and retail' was our main business. We have been in this business for more than 40 years and our retail establishment is very famous in Mumbai with the name  'Punjab Dairy ' It was established by my late father decades ago, I continue to keep alive my father business and planned to start Tea & Spices business" .

Makkah Tea is company's charm brand and it consist mainly by the best of Indian CTC tea. In Mylo category we have Tea, as well as various Indian spices, like "Kitchen King Masala, Biryani Masala,  korma Masala, Lal Mirch ,Dhania powder" to name a few and in Redwood category we have three different category of tea to cater all types of customer, said Mr. Altaf, son of company founder, who helps in managing the company.

mylo kitchen king masalamylo biryani masala

mylo sabzi masalamylo haldi powder

mylo dhania powdermylo korma masala

mylo dal makhni masalamylo chole chana masala

Talking on expanding the business globally,  Mr. Nabi said: "Due to Covid , like many other business our business was also hit badly. For almost a year we were shut down but in those situation we didn't forget to take care of our employees also. We paid salary to all our staff during Covid. And by God's grace we are back and doing very well. We are planning to export our product by the start of next year".

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